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pet fur custom spins

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pet fur custom spins
Turn your beloved pet's fur into a keepsake

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I would by happy to spin your beloved pet's fur into yarn that you can turn into a treasured keepsake.

I charge $20/ounce for a basic 2-ply yarn. Calculating how much yardage will come from your pet's fiber is dependent on many factors and will vary project to project. Much of the calculations depend on fiber length, how much of the fur is felted/matted, and how thick you want the yarn to be. Keep reading for detailed pricing calculations.

Questions to consider before placing your order:

*Do you know how much your pet fur weighs (how much do you have?) *Do you know how thick you need the yarn to be? What do you want to make with the yarn?

Here's my process: 

I base my innitial quote on the weight of your pets fur when it arrives at my house. If your pet's fur is felted or severly matted, I need to charge an additional fee. Picking apart felted fur is time comsuming, labor intensive, and hard on the fingers.

I will spin the picked yarn or card it and then spin it.

When I finish spinning your pet's fur into yarn, I average the original weight of fur (the full weight of what you sent to me) with the finished yarn weight, than multiply that averaged weight by $20/oz.

I will include a bag of matted and too-short bits in your package when I mail your finished yarn to you. There are lots of needle-felting projects you can do with the short bits, which is why I send those back to you.When your order is ready to mail, I will send you a custom invoice and ship it out after recieving payment in full. The non-refundable custom order fee will be subtracted from your total.

I will send periodic photo updates throughout the process.



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Color Family Natural/Undyed
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