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Custom Hand-spun orders

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Custom Hand-spun orders
Hand spun yarn from locally sourced wool

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I spin yarn out of sheep fleeces that I purchase from local shepherds. Fleeces are chosen by softness (hand), fiber length consistency (staple length), and strength.

I charge $20.00 per ounce of non-art yarn handspun sheep wool. Art yarns are $30.00 per ounce. Final charges will be calculated based on type of yarn and any add-ins you choose to include in your order. Add-ins can be Nylon, Angora, Firestar or Angelina (sparkly things), dyed locks, silk noils, plant fibers, etc.

Questions for you to consider: Do you know how many yards of yarn you need/want? What thickness do you desire your yarn to be (lace, fingering, sport, dk)? Do you have a preference of sheep fleece? Do you know what you want to make with the finished yarn? Do you want your yarn all natural fleece colors or custom dyed?

Here are a few options for your yarn

*100% wool, single breed (Tunis, Gulf Coast Native, Jacob)

*100% wool, blend of different breeds

* blend of wool and synthetic fibers (nylon and sparkly fibers such as angelina or firestar)

* single ply, 2-ply, 3-ply

* fine art yarn: thick and thin, coils, beehives, locks, crazy texture, etc. NOTE: I am unable to spin bulky yarns at this time

* woolen spun (light, airy, and warm) or worsted spun (stronger, dense, heavy, not as warm as woolen)

* single color, multi color, natural, natural with pops of color, etc.

My Process:

I like to communicate all details quite thuroughly so there will be no confusion and also so I will be most able to create the yarn you envision. Please be very specific in every possible aspect of your order. I will be careful to make sure I understand clearly before beginning your project.

I typically scour fleece and then hand pick and card it into a spinnable condition. Add-in fibers are typically added during the carding stage, although some are added during spinning of certain art yarns. Once the wool is clean and carded, the spinning begins. After spinning all the wool into a single strand, it is then plied to make a stronger, more usable yarn. The yarn is then given a bath to set the twist and allowed to air dry completely. If dyeing your finished yarn, I will dye it up before giving it a bath.

If you request singles, the yarn will be spun with less twist and lightly felted after spinning to strengthen the yarn then I will re-skien your yarn so the strands won't be all stuck together when you receive them.

After your yarn is completey finished being made, I will weight it and get an approximate yardage and grist count then multiply the ounces by $20 plus additional fees per add-in. 

An invoice will be created and sent to you with a total of all fees less your $5.00 order fee. I charge shipping based on weight spun. Your finished yarn will be shipped as soon as I receive payment in full. 

I am quite happy to send periodic pictures of the process.

Message me directly for specifics and further details.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight N/A
Fiber Choices Cellulose: Cotton, Manufactured: Metallic, Manufactured: Nylon, Silk, Wool: Jacob, Wool: Other
Color Family Natural/Undyed
Color Attributes Gradient, Handdyed, Handpainted, Kettle-Dyed, Multi-Color, Solid Color, Speckle Dyed, Tonal, Tweed